Face Mapping Acne Triggers: What Casues Pimples, Zits, Bumps & Breakouts


Experiencing those awful skin breakouts always happens at the absolute worse times! For many of us, we still hold on to those old beauty wise tales and begin avoiding carbonated drinks, chocolate and oily foods to help us get rid of those pesky pimples. But new, modern day skin care tips are debunking these myths and getting to the bottom of what is making those bumps pop up.

Dermatologists say it’s all about mapping your face and learning what your personal acne triggers are. Your breakouts aren’t necessarily caused by your sweet tooth or love of soda, either. Dr. Scott Flugman of Huntington Hospital explained to CBS News that acne can come from many other sources. “Knowing the triggers can help you to treat them better, can help you to avoid exacerbating factors and can help you to manage your treatment better,” he said.┬áCheck out some of the acne triggers you may be overlooking.


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Stress. Did you know that acne that shows up towards the bottom of your face and chin is most often caused by stress or hormones? “Stress is a pro-inflammatory and acne is an inflammatory condition, so just having stress alone can exacerbate your acne. It can increase oil production and inflammation,” Dr. Flugman said.


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Weather. Both warm and cool temperatures can all bring on unwanted breakouts. In the hotter months, your skin becomes oilier under those warm conditions. And while the cooler months might bring some relief from the oil, the winter time often dries skin out and leaves us thirsty for more hydration.


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Exercise. Feeling those pimples pop up after you have been feeling the burn at the gym? Acne can often form in areas where you have been covered and rubbed. “Anytime you have sweat, anytime you have oil and you couple that with occlusion from sweat, whether it’s from headbands, sweaty clothes, all of that can be a problem with exacerbating the acne,” the doctor said.

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