Four acne myths busted

Four acne myths busted|

Acne is one of the problems that make our life a mess. But there is one thing which is worse than acne, these are acne-related myths. Here are a few of these which you should stop believing,

Acne is just a teen problem

While there are several people who get acne in their teenage years, people need to realize that “adult acne” is very common.

You need to wash your face more often

There are times when it works but then the causes of pimple are multifactorial. The major players being hormones, stress, and genes and you can’t change any of those by washing your face. Washing the face can be a solution but doesn’t work always.

Sun clears up blackheads

There’s no truth to the idea that the sun clears up acne. In fact, sun decreases the immunity of our skin, making it prone to skin cancer and infections.

Eating greasy food makes it worse

This is generally not true, however greasy foods like pizza can cause acne. We believe foods with a high glycemic index can aggravate acne because of their effects on our endocrine system and hormones, as well as the hormones in the fat component of dairy products, including chocolate.

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