How about a breast milk facial to treat acne?

The Super Mom Milk Facial is the latest beauty facial claiming to clear up adult acne and eczema. The treatment uses the breast milk of lactating mothers mixed with white clay, lavender and vitamin E to create a paste that is applied during a normal facial.

 Human milk is packed with anti-bodies that protect babies from illness, infections and even asthma. This milk contains lauric acid, which helps soothe irritating skin and reduce spots. But it is difficult to source breast milk, so clients must book the procedure a few days in advance.

We source the milk from lactating mothers -for whom it is also a source of income -so the treatment is expensive,” says cosmetologist Jaishree Manchanda. Breast milk is also used as a cleanser, makeup remover and lip moisturizer. “Many women use their own breast milk to rejuvenate their tired skin. It is scientifically proven that breast milk can replace botox,” Jaishree adds.

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