How to fight acne on certain parts of your face

Cold weather can cause dry skin and clog up your pours

(CNN) – Breaking out can be frustrating and even worse, not knowing the cause. Knowing what’s causing your acne can be as simple as knowing where you break out.

If you have acne around your chin or jawline, stress might be a factor. Stress can often stimulate the oil glands causing acne to form.

Your diet may also be to blame. Research shows red, itchy bumps are likely caused by yeast which can be triggered by excessive sugar intake.

If you have acne along your t-zone, chances are it’s weather related. Hot and humid conditions can stimulate excess oil in your skin’s pores, which can provoke acne.

Dry climates are no exception. Cold weather can cause dry skin and clog up your pours.

If you have acne on your forehead, it’s probably due to your workouts. Simply wiping the sweat off your face with a towel can transfer bacteria and lead to getting pimples. Your best bet is to change and shower as soon as you can post workout.

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