Pamper mom with skincare treatments

Mother’s Day is coming up and you may be looking for gift ideas for the mother in your life. But what do you give the woman who has everything? How about a treatment for something every woman has: skin.

The billion-dollar skincare industry is constantly reinventing itself, providing the latest advanced treatments to stay ahead of the curve and help those who experience skin conditions.

Treatments for these conditions often can make a difference for those battling insecurities and pain. Here in Northwest Indiana, skincare specialists are using the latest technological advancements to ensure those who experience these skin conditions receive the care they need—quickly and effectively.


The Vein and Laser Institute in Valparaiso, Merrillville and Munster specializes in Venus Viva, a facial rejuvenation treatment that not only reduces signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles and fine lines, but also decreases visible pores, evens out textural irregularities, reduces acne scars and tightens lax skin, according to Jordan Fazekas, marketing coordinator at the Vein and Laser Institute.

“Basically it just overall improves the texture and look of the skin, making it look healthier and giving a more youthful appearance,” Fazekas says. “It works by generating heat to the dermis to stimulate fibroblasts, the cells responsible for making collagen, and rebuilding collagen.”

While some treatments require downtime afterward, this treatment does not. In fact, Fazekas says, the potential for redness extends only one to two days, and on average, women need three to four treatments. It’s also safe and effective for all skin types.


ReJenesis MedSpa, whose treatments are available at various spas and salons throughout Northwest Indiana, now offers a new skin treatment called Regenerative Skin Resurfacing, which uses radio-frequency energy to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin. The process then uses the patient’s own plasma to massage over the entire face while using a micropen to push the platelets from the plasma deep to where the collagen was stimulated to enhance the results.

“Platelets at higher levels than normal physiological levels in this treatment act like fuel for regenerating the skin,” says Dr. James Joseph, medical director for ReJenesis MedSpa. “This takes reducing fine lines and acne scarring, tightening the skin and making the face more luminous and youthful appearing to the next level.”


While doctors treat patients younger than 30 more often for pigmentation issues and acne scarring, patients greater than 30 years old tend to be more concerned with wrinkles and skin laxity, says Meghan Pesic, a licensed aesthetician at ReJenesis.

“This is a generalization, since we evaluate each patient individually for their specific needs,” she says. “We have noticed that patients seem to get the best results the sooner they start addressing their issues and the more consistent they are with getting different kinds of safe skin treatments on a regular basis.”

That’s why she and her colleagues strive to educate each individual based on needs and concerns, Pesic says. “Anti-aging treatments were once believed to be pursued only by women well into their 50s,” she says. “We are now seeing clients in their early 20s serious about preventative skincare.”

Prevention, Pesic says, is the most powerful tool in terms of youthful aging. “But have no fear; it’s never too late to start,” she says. “We believe anyone can look 5, 10, 15 years younger without going under the knife.”

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