Revealed: The seven reasons you still get acne as an adult and how you can avoid it

WHILE suffering with embarrasing breakouts throughout your teenage years is the norm for many, some of us will be all too familiar with the misery adult acne can cause.

The condition can be down to many factors and could even come down your lifestyle.

Here are seven reasons why you might still be suffering from acne and ways you can try to fix it.

1. Hormones

Hormonal acne usually presents itself as a breakout timed just before a woman’s monthly cycle. Spots of the hormonal variety usually present themselves around the lower face, particularly around the chin, jaw line and corners of your mouth.

It is caused by a rise in oestrogen levels.

If it is a regular occurrence or particularly inflamed it may be a underlying sign of polycystic ovaries (PCOS) or could be down the contraceptive pill.

To tell if your flare ups are down to your hormones it’s important to note if it happens just around the days of your monthly period or not.

2. You have a sweet tooth

Sugar is the enemy when it comes to our skin.

Not only can the white stuff cause breakouts – it can be seriously aging too.

Acne caused by sugar usually presents itself as a breakout over the cheeks.

You can rectify your sugar spots by trying to alkalise your body.

Sugar leaves our bodies in an ‘acidic’ state, so returning the body to its normal pH level can work wonders.

Try eating dark green leafy vegetables and sipping on green juices to reduce any inflammation.

Adult acne
Sugar can cause angry flare ups Getty

3. Make-up

Although make-up is great for covering up any flare-ups – it could also be causing them.

Many cream based beauty products hinder the skin’s ability to breathe.

If you can’t live without your heavy slap, try to take the time for a ‘double-cleanse’ at night to ensure your skin is completely product free before going to sleep.

Adult acne
If you love your slap, make sure that you thoroughly cleanse it of at the end of the day Getty

4. Stress

Stress spots are a very real thing.

Stress can alter your hormones and lead to extra outbreaks.

When you’re stressed your adrenal gland produces the stress hormone cortisol, and puts it out into the body to help the body deal with stress, but a tiny bit of testosterone leaks out with it.

For women, this male hormone can cause havoc with the oil glands in our skin – leaving our skin extra oily and more spot prone.

Now that’s a reason to take some ‘me time’ if we ever heard one.

5. Pollution

Working in a city can wreak havoc with our face. Air pollution is bad news for our skin – and city workers will get the worst case of this.

Thoroughly cleansing as soon as you get home from being out and about will help remove any skin damaging toxins from the surface.

6. Make-up brushes

Make-up brushes can harbour an array of acne-causing bacteria.

They’re a breeding ground for germs and can mean that you’re slathering nasties on to your face every day.

Make sure you regularly clean your brushes with shampoo and conditioner, or a special brush wash, at least every two weeks,

Adult acne
Your make-up brushes could be ruining your skin Getty

7. Lack of minerals

If your body is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals your skin will likely suffer.

Try dosing up with zinc supplements during a flare up to help to fight it.

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