Scientists working on new medication to treat acne

Scientists believe they have a new antibiotic that is very effective in treating acne, but it is still a few years away from hitting the market.

Acne is a prominent skin condition affecting an estimate 80 per cent of teenagers and young adults and 650 million people globally. Isotretinoin, a vitamin A derivative, is currently the standard of care for treatment, but the new antibiotic Zolav is being looked at as a low-risk option treatment.

The work involved Australian company Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals and consulting company AXD Pty ltd. Chief executive officer of Boulos and Cooper Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Ramiz Boulos said that “Zolav has shown to have low toxicity to cells and antioxidant properties.”

The new antibiotic not only significantly reduced the acne infection, but also reduced redness at the same time. More testing needs to be completed as doctors look at potential side effects from the drug.


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