Stay away from these acne triggers

Wondering why that annoying pimple is coming back into your life — after all you aren’t a teenager anymore! Experts say that acne is no longer just a teen problem. Thanks to unregulated diets, soaring stress levels and dipping sleep hours, your poor hormones are going crazy and it is all showing up on your face. But the above mentioned reasons are not the only ones when it comes to unwanted pimples. There are other triggers. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind to combat your acne issues…

Do not pile on creams
Markets both online and otherwise are inundated with a variety of creams and lotions that are well-researched and may actually be good for your skin. However, aesthetician Ritu Singh Tanwar states, “When we layer too many products on our skin, they could lead to clogged pores followed by acne. If you have a combination skin or if your skin is oily, you must double check your skincare regime.”

Beat stress
Stress is a serious threat to your skin health — everything shows up on the face as lines, pimples or spots, say experts. Psychologist Seema Hingorrany says, “Stress releases cortisol and androgens that worsens acne issues. When people who have a genetic predisposition to it are stressed, they suffer from acne. Stress activates hormones way too much and they get edgy and jumpy, and hamper the body’s balance. Anxiety and depression are also manifested in pimples.”

Choose the right face cleanser
There are some soaps that might be the cause of your acne because of the high alkaline levels they contain, leading to skin inflammation. Cosmetologist Dr Jamuna Pai says, “Make sure your skin cleansing routine is proper — use a make-up remover, followed by a non-soapy face cleanser and then a toner.” Adds consultant dermatologist Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, “Our skin ph is 5.5, hence, excess use of alkaline soaps may trigger pimples.”

Say yes to antioxidants
Damage to your skin by free radicals can lead to inflammation and, in turn, acne. “Choose creams, lotions and serums that have antioxidants and go for treatments that can reverse free-radical damage,” advises dermatologist Dr Soma Sarkar.
Dr Trasi adds, “Antioxidants have no role in the occurrence of acne. But they contain vitamins like beta carotene etc, which will protect skin from tanning and regularise the free oxygen radicals.”

Avoid diary, whey proteins

 If you are susceptible to acne you must avoid dairy protein and protein powders. It has been found that they stimulate oil production, an acne trigger. Dermatologists have linked dairy protein to acne and they say even 500 ml once in seven days could lead to a breakout. Dr Trasi says, “Yes, dairy proteins can also trigger pimples. They contain hormones, which can activate or trigger the occurrence of pimples.”
Go for a digital detox
 The constant pinging and buzzing of the phone is usually and unknowingly very stressful for your mind and cortisol levels shoot up. Experts state that there is also surface bacteria on phones we don’t get to see with the naked eye, plus there is the friction on the skin when talking for long durations that could cause oil glands on your skin to become active and eventually lead to clogged pores and acne.
 Say no to excess sugar
 Studies have shown that a low-sugar diet can improve acne. Sugars in the form of concentrated fruit and vegetable juices can raise insulin levels. “It has been found that excess glucose in the body can lead to flare up of acne,” says Dr Trasi. Experts say that hormones are affected too and they increase oil production in your skin, which leads to pimples. And also, blood sugar when high, promotes inflammation and blocks pores.
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